I searched online for Uno Cards and found some party favor sized. When I bought them I thought that the cards were the size of the box, but they were actually 1/2 the size of the box. I was a bit disappointed because I thought that they were actually big enough for someone to actually play. I guess technically you could play with them, but I think keeping track of them would be pretty hard!

The mini cards were the perfect size for necklaces so my daughter and I broke open a pack and made necklaces for people to wear while at the party.
We also did party favor bags for each family that included the Mini Uno Cards, Dum Dum Suckers, meltaway mints and (my favorite) Cinnamon Bears.


Jenny said...

So clever and so cute!

Arianna said...

I love the party idea. We shared your party favor bags over at Modern Hostess. Thanks for sharing your creativity.