I made Uno Card cakes for the party and then little Uno Card cakes for the babies, which ended up being smashed and tossed to the ground (see pic below, great shot Emily!)

I wanted the cakes to be relatively easy to make the night before the party so earlier in the week I made the cakes and froze them.

Also, earlier that week my friend Deanna showed me her fondant skills. She showed me how to make all of the "1"s out of fondant so they'd be ready to go when I iced the cake... this made icing the cake super easy. White icing layer, then marked the area I wanted to keep white with a pattern I had made, star tipped the rest of the top of the cake with the color of the card, piped a border, added the "1"s and there you have 'em... Uno Card cakes!


Jenny said...

Love the cakes and love those adorable baby boys!

Sara said...

I'm looking to do this for my little guy's first in a few weeks. Can you tell me how you made the cakes (both)? Is it two sheet cakes stacked on top of each other for one of the big cakes? And how did you do the littler smash cakes?